How To Become A Social Media Celebrity

Want your website to get buried in friend requests? It’s easier than you might think. Business and personal websites alike now have the unprecedented opportunity to boost their presence, simply by using sites like Facebook and Twitter. Still, many have a tricky time achieving the full extent of publicity that these tools offer. Here are some easy to follow tricks to make sure your website attracts as much traffic as earthly possible through the power of social media.


#1 Ask Family and Friends First

Some may feel they have to swallow their pride when asking their loved ones to “like” their work, but this is a crucial first step to social media success. Establishing a foundation of people you know will allow outsiders to see that people already like your product or website. Which makes the likelihood greater that they will like it themselves.


#2 Look Around for Any Available Social Media Outlet

Don’t just stick to Facebook when promoting yourself. Research as many platforms as possible, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more. Even a photo sharing site like Instagram can help you get your name out to an expanded audience.


#3 Start a Newsletter, and Invite Subscribers to Your Page

Remember when your mother would get Christmas cards from family members that detailed what they had done with their year? Think of the newsletter is the online version of one of these cards. Writing a note to all of your email contacts sparks the attention of those who may not use Facebook. Embed an invitation to your Facebook page, and you can invite the rest of the world to see what you have been up to.


#4 Don’t Forget About Fans You Already Have

The database of followers your site already has can help fuel on further attention. Keep your fans or customers in on the action by letting them know about your work, whether a website, Facebook page, or blog.


#5 The Power of a Special Incentive

Access to never before seen content! This is how celebrities like Lady Gaga attract attention to their new work, so who is to say you shouldn’t use it for your own gain? Let your Facebook followers in on the inside scoop, and further their connection to you by allowing them access to rare material. This can also spark major word of mouth that can have your page seeing increased traffic in no time.


#6 Get People Talking

Encourage dialogue among your followers. This can help create new ideas on what your business or blog can do next, and it is yet another way to strengthen the connection you already have with your existing followers. For starters, just ask your fan base simple questions like “what should I do next?”


#7 Show Your Face in a Video

Youtube can be a powerful tool for forging social media connections. Just make a brief video saying hello to your public, and letting them know about the newest updates to your site or life. Filming in your home will allow your fans to feel even more connected to your brand.


#8 Use Facebook Tags Whenever Possible

Photos on Facebook used to just be for college kids to show themselves getting into trouble. Now, it is a way to further your image to a wider audience. With the onset of other users being able to tag you in photos, you can broaden your reach even further. Also remember to bring a camera to any event you attend, and take a ton of photos.


#9 Give Your Die Hard Fans a Shout Out

Got someone who loves to sing your praises? Give them a special thank you on your Facebook page. This will give them positive reinforcement to keep on with what they are doing, and show others what could happen if they start following suit.

Having a profile on Facebook on other social media platforms is a bit like being a celebrity. You have fans. You give shout outs. You connect with people who want to hear from you. This may be why so many are addicted to this medium, and why so many find success from it. Use these strategies today and you could see your fan base expanding in no time flat.

How To Find Guest Blog Posting Opportunities



Just as Saturday Night Live has a guest host, so too do blogs feature guest posts. Having a featured spot on a popular blog is a great way to invigorate visitor traffic to your own weblog. But just how can you get your foot in the door, and attract the attention of bloggers you would want to write with, and who would want to feature you? Here are some details on where to go, how to pitch, and how to promote your way into being a rock star guest blogger.


What Is Your Guest Blogging Goal?

Just what are you looking to get out of the guest blogging process? Do you want to take over the world, or just get some attention? Are you just trying to build backlinks to your blog, and drive up visitor traffic to your page? Or are you looking to become an authority on your topic in the blog-o-sphere? Aim high, the e-sky is the limit, if you know what you are doing.


Beginning Your Research

#1 Stepping Out

Venturing out into the unknown can always be a little intimidating, but with guest blogging, the power of the right keywords can put you where you need to be in no time. Just pick a few that best describe your site, but which you don’t particularly rank well for in search listings just yet. Then start your blog hunt. Even browsing a couple pages in on Google can help you find the right platform for your guest blog prowess.


#2 Research

Step Two in the research phase is to jot down a list of ideas for possible guest posts. Again, don’t be intimidated here. Even just a title can work for now, just so long as you prove to your choice blogger that you are capable of creating your own relevant ideas.


#3 Making Contact

Find the quickest way to contact the blog’s administrator (checking their Contact page is usually the best way to go), and introduce yourself. You don’t have to necessarily knock their socks off (yet), just explain who you are, and that you would be thrilled to write a guest blog post for them, in exchange for an outbound link on their page to yours. An important tip to remember here is that you are not on a date, so don’t be coy or flirty, just honest and to the point about your intentions.

You will likely receive a positive reception to this query. And remember to keep a spreadsheet tracking the blog administrators you have reached out to, and what their responses have been.


Hubs for Guest Blogging

So there you have it. Research, contact, and track. But if you’re not having luck finding the blog you want on Google, here are some other spots you can check. Blogging List

About offers a comprehensive list of blogs that are accepting and publishing posts from guest writers. Here, you can also post your own blog to be included in the directory, and possibly receive your own guest blog. As the saying goes, if you scratch someone’s back, they can scratch yours. Blogging Forum

Taking inspiration from the classifieds, About also offers a forum where individuals can post their interest in writing or receiving blog posts, and get connected with the right people. Best of all, posting on this forum is free.


Think of this as Craigslist for guest bloggers, only instead of an apartment or a slightly scratched up table, you can get linked to the blog of your choice. The likelihood of positive response here is even higher, as everyone on here is avidly seeking someone just like you.


In Conclusion

After reading this, you should now have a pretty good idea of where to start in terms of getting your name out as a guest blogger. There is a huge market for it, and since bloggers are receiving a free service in exchange for some promotion, you might find many are more than willing to help. Use the sites listed here as a jumping off point to make some strong connections in the blog universe. You never know, this could be your first step to becoming an authority in the industry of your topic.